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Incisione personalizzata

Maserin Cutlery offers a personalized service of engraving the blade or the wooden handle .

The engraving is done with laser technology. They are machines that work with fiber lasers, this means that the focal diameter of the laser engraver is very small for greater precision and with a very high intensity and depth. The result thus obtained is permanent and extremely long-lasting.

You can engrave your initials or a name. Engraving is completely free, you decide what you want to engrave. The only constraint is space. Usually it is not possible to make more than one incision for reasons of space, but it is possible to study every possibility together. It will be our pleasure to know your requests and satisfy them at best. 

Send us an email, call us or write us on the always active online chat and we will advise you in the best possible way

Engraving requires dedicated processing, so shipping is done approximately 2 days after your order.

Engraving has a fixed cost of 10 per single engraving.

All knives can be engraved. The engraving you request takes place in this way: we take the knife out of its original packaging, engrave the blade or the wood and put the knife back in its original packaging.

Only for some particular models we have to open a sealed box. We will let you know if we need to open the box so we know if you are okay with opening the box or if it is a gift and you do not want the box to be opened.

If you do not receive communications it means that the knife will be delivered to you with the required engraving without any modification to the packaging.

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