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The best knives for the treatment of ungulate husk

The perfect model for any type of evisceration knife. The hunters are divided into two "parties", as to the choice of the ideal knife to treat the remains of ungulates. Who prefers the fixed blade and who the folding. In any case, investing in quality on the knife means being able to work on the rake by forcing without failing safely and without having to sharpen the blades too often. On this page we show the best that the industrial production of knives makes available to the most demanding hunters, taking the example or the best examples in the world of fixed blade and three-blade folding for the specific use of the treatment of the ungulate husk. The fixed blade with good steel, handling, safety and beauty there are thousands, industrial or artisanal. Their value lies in their robustness, everything is fixed and nothing can come loose. Coltellerie Maserin soon began delivering what is probably its most technically studied and advanced hunting knife for ungulates.

Maserin CROZ

“Croz” was created in collaboration with an exceptional designer, the well-known journalist and hunting expert in the Trentino mountains Ettore Zanon, with the aim of building the best possible fixed blade for the evisceration of ungulates. Croz is the rock, in the Trentino dialect, the rock where the mountain hunters confront the chamois, the one they lean on to shoot; and Croz gives the name to this extraordinary knife, because Ettore Zanon, its great inspirer, wanted a term that recalled hunting in his mountains of the Val di Rabbi, and he put all his experience as an ungulate hunter at the service of his brothers Maserin, who synthesized it into a truly excellent knife.

It is a simple and light fixed blade of 23 centimeters, of which 11 of blade (4 mm thick), in N690 steel, 60 HRC, one of the best in the world, with high carbon content and a hardness that allows it to operate well without losing the thread. The serration in the part near the handle is intended to facilitate the work on the bone parts. The handle is in three different versions, in very strong G10 resin for the black and orange high visibility versions, as well as robust micarta for the green model. For ergonomics, the cheeks are tapped in order to make it more difficult to slide during the work phases. Maximum safety, also guaranteed by the generous guard and the knurling on the upper part of the blade, elements thanks to which it will be extremely difficult to lose your grip. A great finesse element and utility, which significantly differentiates this knife, is the inclusion in the back of a accia ino to sharpen the tool, invisible when it is inserted.

Blade: N690 Hrc 60 steel

Total length: 23cm, 11cm of blade

Handle: Orange or black G10, or green micarta

Sheath: easy wash nylon

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Another splendid fixed blade, with skinner in the upper part, is the “Rupicapra” just made by Coltellerie Maserin of Maniago in collaboration with the Facebook group of chamois hunters Rupicapra. Splendid proportions between blade and handle, maximum attention to safety without resorting to enormous guards, exceptional ergonomics, steel of the best possible quality, the N690 with 60 HRC hardness, and handle in non-slip G10 resin or in olive wood, completely removable to allow a optimal cleaning.

Official knife of the Facebook Group "Rupicapra"

Designed by dozens of chamois hunters, with the best materials in the world.

It is the official knife of the Facebook Group "Rupicapra", created by Coltellerie Maserin in collaboration with the Group with the aim of obtaining the best the chamois hunter could desire, combining the top of materials with excellence in workmanship, the aesthetics, ease of use and absolute safety. CPM S35 VN steel is probably the best in the world for use in the construction of hunting blades. It is a high performance martensitic stainless steel created with powder metallurgy, reaching over 60 HRC. The presence of Niobium among the components gives it the unique characteristic of guaranteeing at the same time the very high resistance of the blade edge and the docility in letting itself be sharpened.The blade is equipped with a hook for skinning and is very safe thanks to the raised and knurled part of the back towards the handle. The “Rupicapra” logo is engraved on the blade. The handle is available in precious olive wood or in non-slip G10 resin, in high visibility green or black to recall the horn of the suede, whose growth rings are echoed in the unique design of the cheeks. G10 is a light and resistant material, obtained from fiberglass and resins pressed at very high pressure and high temperature. Ultra-ergonomic and easily removable to guarantee the best cleaning, if disassembled it reveals a small compartment inside the blade core. 100% made in Italy in Maniago. The synthetic material sheath also bears the "Rupicapra" Group logo and is designed to ensure that it can be easily cleaned, with a hole in the lower part and a removable plastic sheath for washing.

Those who are undecided about which handle to choose can buy the knife in their favorite color and separately the cheeks of one or both of the other possible handles.

Blade: N 690 Steel (58-60 HRC) (110mm)

Total length: 230mm

Weight: 195 gr

Handle: G10 (Green, Black) or Olive

Sheath: Black Cordura

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Maserin JAEGER

Finally, the three-blade folding, in accordance with its name, offers the total functionality of the multipurpose, at the price of some increase in weight and bulk. While most of these knives tend to be very small, at the expense of “maneuverability”, Maserin has created the perfect product with “Jaeger”, developed in collaboration with a group of experienced hunters; for dimensions, handling, materials, quality of steel it is definitely the best three hunting blades on the market.

Dedicated to ungulate hunters. Functionality, materials and dimensions designed by expert hunters to create the best three-blade knife for the treatment of the undress. A massive and very sturdy knife, available with cheeks in precious woods or in high visibility orange G10 anti-slip polymer, designed to be firmly gripped without slipping even in the most delicate phases and to be easily washed hundreds of times without ever getting damaged. 3 blades in 440C steel. The classic pointed blade, in its ideal length of 85mm, has a large hole in the upper part to facilitate opening in any situation. The saw is very thick and equipped with large and strong teeth to remain perfectly functional over time. The skinner has the ideal curvature to accompany the hand. The three independent safety devices on the back are generously sized and the central one is embossed to facilitate release even with gloves or dirty hands. The cheeks are firmly fixed with stainless steel screws, while still leaving the knife completely removable. Jaeger comes with a cordura sheath. Designed and built entirely in Italy by the Maserin Cutlery of Maniago according to the highest quality standards, Jaeger is probably the most robust and functional three blades for the treatment of the rake on the market today.

Blade: 440C stainless steel (85mm) sandblasted

Open length: 224 mm

Weight: 298 g

Accessories: Sega, skinner

Handle: Olive wood or Cocobolo or Orange G10 Resin

Sheath: Nylon

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There is a third category of knives equally indicated, namely those with a "rotating" blade, they are fixed blades that conceal a skinner or saw inside the handle, which takes the place of the fixed blade by rotating the two blades themselves. A solution, this, created by the Swedish EKA with its now legendary Swingblade, continuously improved over the years and extremely efficient both for the quality of the steel and for the handling of the blade, guaranteed by EKA for 10 years.

Distributed exclusively in Italy by Coltellerie Maserin, here is the knife for the treatment of the undress most loved by hunters all over the world, the EKA Swingblade G3! Eka, with 132 years of history, is one of the most prestigious hunting knife companies in Europe, official supplier of the Swedish royal court. Swingblade is the original. The double-bladed dagger for eviscerating and skinning ungulates which then inspired many other producers. The original continuously improved, up to the current Swingblade G3 version, patented and available with yellow, orange or black handle, the spearhead of the range of EKA hunting and fishing knives that Coltellerie Maserin imports exclusively for Italy. In the latest evolution of this extraordinary knife, nothing has been left to chance. Swingblade G3 adopts for the blades the very strong Sandvik 12C27 steel brought to a hardness of 59 HRC, a guarantee of truly exceptional strength and edge hold. The handle is very ergonomic to favor the perfect grip with both blades and is built in Proflex ™,a synthetic material with a particularly effective non-slip grip. The two blades alternate simply by pressing a button and the back of the main blade has an initial depression to facilitate finger pressure during the work phases. The two high visibility colors available for the handle make it virtually impossible to lose when using it even at night. Eka 10 year guarantee!

Available in three colors.

Blade: Swedish Sandvik 12C27 (100mm and 80mm)

Open length: 215mm

Weight: 134 gr

Handle: PLOFLEX ™ (Orange, Yellow, Black)

Sheath: Black Cordura


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The ungulate hunting knife most appreciated by thousands of hunters returns, which has broken all sales records in recent years. Viscera is a double rotating blade that on one side is a blade, on the other a saw with a skinner at the tip. Designed according to the guidelines of professional American hunters, Viscera leaves nothing to chance. Safety is guaranteed by the non-slip materials of the handle, by the generous guard and by the deep knurling of the initial part of the back of both blades. All the rest are ingenious subtleties to help the job. The tip of the 95mm AISI 440 stainless steel blade has a curve on the back to favor the perfect support of the thumb and allow you to work with maximum sensitivity. The saw is double row of teeth, extremely robust.The skinner on the top of the saw is at the optimum distance from the handle to work best inside the carcass and on the skin. The protection of the skinner prevents the meat from being damaged in any way. The handle is perfectly ergonomic and is made of nylon and non-slip rubber, with orange inserts that facilitate the search for the knife especially at night. It is equipped with a nylon sheath and is imported into Italy by Coltellerie Maserin exclusively for Forest Italia.It is equipped with a nylon sheath and is imported into Italy by Coltellerie Maserin exclusively for Forest Italia.It is equipped with a nylon sheath and is imported into Italy by Coltellerie Maserin exclusively for Forest Italia.

Blade: AISI 440 STAINLESS STEEL 95mm95mm

Open length: 228mm

Weight with sheath: 188 gr

Handle: Black nylon and orange non-slip rubber

Sheath: Nylon

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Distributed exclusively in Italy by Coltellerie Maserin