Maserin “CROZ” by Ettore Zanon

Maserin “CROZ” by Ettore Zanon

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A very high quality fixed blade created for the gutting of ungulatesi

It is a simple and light fixed blade of 23 cm, 11 of which have a 4 mm thick blade, in N690 steel, 60 HRC, one of the best in the world, with high carbon content and a hardness that allows you to operate well without losing the wire. The serration in the part near the handle is intended to facilitate the work on the bone parts.e.

The handle is in three different versions, in very strong G10 resin for the black and orange high visibility versions, as well as robust micarta for the dark green model. For ergonomics, the cheeks are tapped in order to make it more difficult to slide during the work phases. Maximum safety, also guaranteed by the generous guard and the knurling in the upper part of the blade, elements thanks to which it will be extremely difficult to lose your grip..

An element of great finesse and usefulness, which definitely differentiates this knife, is the insertion in the back of a sharpener to sharpen the tool, invisible when it is inserted..

Croz has an easy to wash nylon sheath.

Ettore Zanon's thinking behind his knife: & lt; & lt;Croz, in my Rhaeto-Roman dialect, it means rock. The rock is hard, solid, rigorous, essential. And so this hunting knife wants to be. What is the hunting knife really used for? Typical operations of life outdoor, like cutting food or chipping wood to start a fire. Specific hunting operations, such as eviscerating the animal and possibly gutting it. Those who know how to eviscerate don't need frills, they need an essential and effective tool. The blade must be strong, not too big, of the right shape and always well sharpened. Easy to handle, wash and sanitize. Qualities all enclosed in the Croz: the fixed blade in the best quality steel, the tip, sharp as necessary, the serrated part to cut the bones, the, l’steelino sharpener integrated in the handle. & gt; & gt;;

Croz takes the typical shapes of the hunting knives of the Central European tradition, reinvented by applying new concepts, with futuristic materials and technologies. Essential, good and bad: professional stuff.

Blade: N690 Hrc 60

Total length: 23cm, 11cm blade.

Handle: Orange or black G10, or green micarta

Sheath: Easy wash nylon

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Ettore Zanon was born in Bolzano in 1967 and lives in Rabbi, a splendid Trentino valley. Coordinates the Academy Environment Forests and Fauna of Trentino, which deals in particular with hunting training. He is Director of Education of Obora Hunting Academy, a prestigious hunting school in the Czech Republic. Professional journalist and communications expert. He has curated numerous information campaigns dedicated toa environmental issues, protected areas, animal species. Co-author of the Ungulates of the Alps manual Biology, recognition, management. Historical signature of the hunting magazine Cacciare a Palla. He has published over 350 articles in the most important national magazines on wildlife and hunting, as a columnist and expert in wildlife management issues. Ungulate hunter, trained in the Central European tradition, with a long experience in Italy and Europe. He firmly believes in the concept of sustainable hunting and has devoted numerous reflections to hunting ethics.toria.

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daniele poggerini
Qualità del prodotto

Il coltello che ho scelto a mio avviso è molto buono, direi di aver fatto una buona scelta acquistando un vostro prodotto.

Grazie del suo feedback!


Semplicemente fantastico

marco paolo morchio

Tutto perfetto

Giorgio Dematté

Ottimo coltello quindi un ottimo acquisto.

Michele Casalino

Un coltello unico, Zanon sa il fatto suo sicuramente eccezionale per la selezione, dove con poco tempo si effettua la pulizia dell'animale.